The John Yoshio Naka Bonsai

Published: 20th January 2009
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John Yoshio Naka was born on August 16, 1914 in Denver, Colorado. He and his family returned to their native Japan when he was eight days old. Having his grandfather as his steady companion, he observed as his elderly shaped and trimmed the foliage.

When he was nineteen time old, John took up landscape propose. He academic the fundamentals in the relationship of character - foliage, window and limestone. After completing his schooling, he pursued extra studies by presence a prestigious art educate in Japan.

Because of the house war in Japan in 1935, his father feared that John might be deployed. John was sent back to Colorado to live with Sadao, his bruther. He advanced down by marrying Alice Toshito Mizunaga in 1936. They had three sons: Eugene, Robert and Richard.

The family stirred to Los Angeles in 1946. Here, John worked as a landscaper and concentrated on Japanese gardens. Striking a friendship with Sam Doi, John Naka was encouraged to read books about bonsai techniques.

His first work was the Montezuma Cypress. It was a 36 crawl tall five gallon workshop that was adult in Southern California. Years later, this hide repeated to grow at the correct height. Tree also bent small cones two epoch.

At this stage, John Naka was noticed as a bonsai artiste. Together with for other friend, Fumiko Nagata, Ai Okumura, Joseph Yamashiro and Morihei Furuya, Naka started the Southern California Bonsai Club.

From community coach, Naka went onto become a subject governess in the art of bonsai. He attended symposiums where he was the explosion orator in the 1970s. Some of his mechanism were available in newspaper articles and on the "Bonsai Journal." Here, he illustrated march-by-footstep the transformation of a juniper that is grown in a nursery to the highlight of a bonsai plot.

Then Naka subject the macro prospect by visiting countless countries and educating bonsai enthusiasts on his art. His collections of bonsai art have been viewed countless times. They have been available in countless books as well.

John Naka once said that he regarded his works as his grandchildren. That is why his attention and passion on bonsai can be seen by all.

The National Bonsai Foundation is a nonprofit corporation which selected Naka as one of the honorary advisers to the foundation. Through the years, Naka has also become legendary in the perceive that he has buildings named after him. As a trouble of actuality, a workshop room is named after him who they regarded as the "Father of Popular Bonsai."

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